The Kazakhs are descendants of ancient Turkic tribes – Kipchaks and medieval Mongolic or Turco-Mongol tribes. In the 19th century, the advance of the Russian Empire troops pushed Kazakhs to neighboring countries. In around 1860, part of the Middle Jüz Kazakhs came to Mongolia and were allowed to settle down in Western Mongolia and for most of the 20th century they remained an isolated, tightly knit community. Ethnic Kazakhs (so-called Altaic Kazakhs or Altai-Kazakhs) live predominantly in Western Mongolia.

This vintage Khazak embroidery, called called Tush Kyiz, is dated 1968 and was used as a wall decoration in a yurt or traditional Mongolian tent. Very tight stiching.

The lower part of this type of embroideries, were left without border since the bed or other furniture would have been placed in front and it wouldn´t be seen.

Material: 100% cotton             

Size: 217×128 cms

Origin: Kazakh tribes, Mongolia

Date of weaving: 1968

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