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Josheghan rugs originate from Josheghan, also called Maymeh, is located in north central Iran. Famous as being one of the oldest centers of continuous weaving of wool rugs in Iran, Josheghan is one of a cluster of villages that is well known for weaving wool rugs of exceptionally high quality. Tribal people in the region have been plying their trade as skilled weavers of wool rugs since the 16th century. It is not uncommon for a weaver to be totally dedicated to a single rug for months and sometimes years. This results in wool rugs of the highest quality, but very limited quantity. The local artisans weave Josheghan rugs using the asymmetrical Persian knot. Josheghan rugs are woven in both village and workshop settings, with those woven in the smaller villages considered to be of superior quality.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool              

Size: 150×60 cms

Origin: Joshegan, Irán

Date of weaving: 1970s

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