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Alpujarran rugs were domestic items generally woven for personal use, a tradition that remained in Southern Spain (the muslims stayed for 800 years in Spain and left a strong cultural and social legacy in the conquered Spanish areas). Often they were woven as part of the dowry as it could be in this case, with two letters that maybe correspond one for each person of the couple to be married. Normally there are Alpujarran rugs with motives influenced by the Northern African aesthetics and others, as in the case of this piece, with local folk motives. Using a restricted colour palette, coarse looped pile on a woven foundation, woven in three parts and stiched together. Minimalist and utilitarian, creating an intensely rich and personal narrative – intended for the home and never for sale. Linen ground with looped design in wool. In very good overall condition, including every single fringe. The fringes are lovingly wraped in colourful woolen threads. Many Alpujarran rugs are damaged, due to the fact that were every day domestic items, and is difficult to find them in such good condition. Of great ethnographic value as there are not many of this age that survived to our days.

173×164 (190×185 cms, including the fringes)


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