The shop, of medieval origin, retains its austere stone walls and massive chestnut beams and columns. This calm and secluded atmosphere is ideal for showing our fabulous collection of contemporary carpets and tribal kilims.

Alistair is responsible for the design of our modern rugs

which are subsequently woven in Nepal


Travelling the world

To bring you the best products

We travel regularly to Turkey, Iran, and other countries, always on the look-out for any form of tribal art, be it a carpet, a bag, a horse-blanket, a baby carrier or old beads and necklaces.

We acquire first-hand knowledge, talking to the dealers in the bazaar and also the nomads. We complement this study with books, magazines and exchanging opinions with other dealers and collectors from the the carpet world.

We travel with an open spirit to learn about textiles and other ways of life and also about different ways to see the world.