After months of developing our new designs, finally these wonderful rugs arrived to Nómada! Once we send the designs to a Fair Trade Workshop in Nepal, Tibetan refugees wove them with the best Himalayan wool. We don´t design for other shops, so we can offer you an exclusive rug just from Nómada. Do you like them?
San Sebastian International Film Festival
The San Sebastian International Film Festival is here! For our shop window, we got inspired by Namoi Kawase´s film "Sweet Bean". Do you fancy trying some delicious Dorayakis sitting in our Tibetan rug "Zen" woven in a Fair Trade Workshop with Himalayan wool?
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Another import, this time from Afghanistan!
Amazing importation of antique rugs, felts, kilims and tribal items (sacs, saddlebags, saddle rugs etc.). In Afghanistan, due mainly to the lack of exports over the last decades, you can still find antique Afghan textiles, but also rugs from other regions. We found antique Turkish rugs from the 19th century, kilims from Iraq, and also hard to find textiles. And what do you think of our Belouch felts with primitive and colourfull designs but sooo
We don´t stop! New importation from Turkey...
Acabamos de recibir una importación de kilims vintage de distintas regiones de Turquía, alfombras contemporáneas con lana de angora y decenas de cojines hechos con kilim antiguos. ¿Os apetece verlos?
We just received a fantastic importation from Iran,where you can find colourfull kilims but also undyed natural coloured vintage kilims. You can also find a great selection of sacs, cushions, saddlebags, decoration for horses, and an endless choice of items from the nomadic way of life.See you soon!


06 Apr, 2018
We just came back from an amazing trip to Iran where we bought wonderful antique rugs, kilims and tribal items from the nomadic way of life. We also purchased contemporary gabbeh rugs. We bought the pieces mainly in the baazars, but also in the most unexpected places like in a restaurant, in homes, and in a pistacho and potatoes warehouse...They are all sooooo beautiful!Hope you like our rugs as much as we do!
In this new importation you will find antique rugs and kilims, and tribal items from the nomadic life like sacs, saddle bags, bags, sleeping rugs and much more. We also received some antique felts with the coolest contemporary designs. See you soon!
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