Nómada was established in 1997 when some of our greatest passions came together

Travelling, tribal rugs and Kilims, and contemporary design

"Nómada" is a registered trademark, registered in the "Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas".

Faraway Places

Nómada travels to the remotest corners of Asia to bring you antique and modern carpets and kilims that fit perfectly in contemporary interiors.

Our passion for travel and our desire to find the best products has led us to remote destinations; including, Iran, Turkey, India and Nepal. We work hard to bring you the best hand-made products from workshops with good working conditions.

Our own designs

We design our own contemporary rugs, and we have also worked with well-known national and international artists. Gradually, we have built up an outstanding collection of rugs.

Our carpets are exhibited in various public spaces (churches, hotels, banks, foundations, etc.) and of course, in private homes. We work closely with our clients to achieve exceptional carpets.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to surround ourselves with beautiful, quality objects, at the same time, helping the communities that produce them.

That is why we buy jewellery from a Tuareg cooperative in Niger and our contemporary rugs are woven in Nepal at a workshop that seeks to improve the quality of life of the weavers and their families by adhering to the Nepal Government “Good Weave” project.

We hope you enjoy our carpets as much as we do

And in the process … we will travel, eat, sleep and have fun!

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